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Over the years we have earned a sterling reputation as an established and reliable auto electrician throughout Dublin and the surrounding areas. We believe that the high quality of our work, our professionalism, and our efficient, friendly service has placed Hamilton's Ltd at the forefront of the auto electrical trade in Dublin.

All of the team members here at Hamilton's Ltd are highly trained electrical mechanics with exceptional skills. With our wealth of experience, you can rest assured that your vehicles electrics are in the very best of hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer fault finding and diagnostics?

Yes we do our expert and experienced auto electrical specialists are highly skilled and can diagnose faults and conduct repairs on vehicles of all makes and models. As the motor industry continues to modernise, we recognise the importance of modernising with it. We constantly invest in upskilling and training our staff so we can provide all customers and vehicles with the same level of quality service.

Can you help with electrical faults?

Yes we at Hamilton’s Auto Electrics can identify and repair any and all electrical faults. We use the latest technology and equipment to identify the precise nature and location of electrical problems to make the appropriate repairs. We have 60 years of experience in the industry and no problem is too large or small for Hamilton’s Ltd.

Can you help with alternators and starters?

Yes we can, Hamilton’s Auto Electric repairs and rebuilds alternators and starters for all vehicle makes and models. We can also quote for replacements parts at very competitive prices.

Additional Information

Fault Finding and Diagnosis, Repairs to Starters and Alternators, Engine Management Systems, ABS and Airbags, Head Lamp Alignment, Electric Windows and Central Locking, Battery Drain, Climate Control/Air Conditioning, Parasitic Drain Testing
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Fault Finding, Engine Management, Air Bags, AVF